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FlexVet specialises in Recruitment & Selection, Secondment and Payrolling of veterinarians, paraveterinaries, veterinary nurses and other veterinary staff for veterinary practices, pharmacies, education and the authorities (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority: NVWA).

With the NVWA you will work as a Supervisory Veterinarian in NVWA’s temporary workforce. You will be engaged in the optimization of animal welfare, the safety of food products and veterinary public health. This way, you will contribute to a sustainable society. For more information about working with Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority NVWA, please mail us your letter of motivation and Curriculum Vitae to or contact us on +31(0)53 572 55 48. Ask for Ferdi Demir or Yvonne van Roon.

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Are you a veterinarian and looking to work in a veterinary practice or animal shelter, or in public service / Consumer Product Safety Authority NVWA? Apply now

We also often have vacancies with pharmaceutical businesses and education institutes.